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IMG_2455 (1)A-Accelerated: An increase in the rate of change; the act of accelerating, increased speed; a rate of increased velocity.

R-Recovery: Return to an original state; gradual healing after sickness or injury; the act of regaining a savings something lost.

P-Performance: The act of performing; of doing something successfully; any recognized accomplishment; operation: process or manner of functioning or operating.


What makes ARP Wave treatments unique at Marchese Sports therapy?

Our evaluation and treatment of where and how to apply the ARP is dictated by each patient’s individual injury, chronology, central nervous system findings, biomechanical presentation, and mechanism of injury, amongst others. Unlike other sports therapy centers, at Marchese Sports Therapy, the ARP Wave treatments are administered solely by our chiropractic physicians, not assistants or aids. This ensures a quality, medical treatment session from onset to successful conclusion.

Marchese Sports Therapy prides itself in being the first in the Boston area to offer ARP Wave therapy. In addition to having over 8 years of expertise with the ARP device, Marchese Sports Therapy offers one of the lowest price points in the Boston area.

What makes ARP Wave different?
ARP Wave is different from other types of electrotherapy. One key to the ARP’s uniqueness is it’s waveform which allows the electrical current to penetrate deep within the tissues being treated. A number instant combination of electrical frequencies. And yet another is the ability to put the patient in motion during treatment.

Safe and Effective
The ARP Wave has many advantages over all other electrical devices. The main advantage is it is harmonious with the body and it does not signal the nervous system to protect by concentrically contracting muscle. This allows the patient to move during treatment, thus reducing the pain reflex. Patient improvement is often noticed after the very first treatment.